A-Action Realty Inspection Services, LLC has been performing Commercial Property Assessments in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding cities since 1999.

We have specialized in inspecting a wide range of commercial properties from industrial spaces, apartment buildings, and strip centers. We can provide property owners and investors with a detailed and informative report that will help them make the right financial decisions as they are moving forward in a real estate transaction or planning maintenance schedules.

Whether you are purchasing a 600-square-foot office space or a 600-unit apartment complex, we will work hard to inform you about the current condition of your investment. The inspection process includes a thorough analysis by a licensed experienced building inspector. The inspection encompasses the entire building including the major components of structure, plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems. We provide performance opinions and estimated cost of repair.

The A-Action Team of Commercial Building Inspectors are geared to move quickly and focus all efforts on providing you with the necessary information to make an educated decision as you move forward with your project.

Our reports are designed for quick decision-making, with an easy-to-follow summary of recommendations, costs, and priorities. We do not offer contracting services; therefore, you know our opinions are unbiased.

Commercial Inspection Sample Report

Commercial Apartment Building Sample Report

Commercial Single Structure Sample Report

Inspection Guidelines Used
  • International Building Code / Uniformed Building Code
  • Inspection Guidelines-ASTM E2018-15 for Property Condition Assessments
  • National Electric Code
Type of Commercial Buildings we have inspected
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Medical/Veterinarian/Dental Offices
  • Office Buildings-Large and Small
  • Strip Malls and Big Box Stores
  • Multi-family/Apartment complexes
  • Lease Spaces Warehouse and
  • Warehouse/office combinations
  • Restaurant/Bar
  • Churches
  • Draw Inspection
  • and More

Feel free to contact us at (972) 572-4500 with any questions related to your commercial property or investment and to receive a no-obligation quote to complete your property assessment customized to fit your needs.