New construction homes typically come with a “One Year Limited Warranty”. Some items listed under this warranty may or may not be visible to the inexperienced eye. Some of the more common items generally are revealed during this type of inspection and may include:

  • improper drainage around the foundation,
  • improperly installed roof covering and/or flashing details,
  • water intrusion problems,
  • plumbing leaks, and
  • improper wiring of electrical receptacles, switches and/or fixtures.

Understand what we look for with New 1 Year Warranty Homes

Many of these issues can be resolved relatively easy if corrected in a timely manner, but if left unresolved and/or undetected may turn into expensive costly repairs for you, the homeowner.

Our highly trained and impartial inspectors assist you to uncover and address items that need to be corrected and/or addressed. We act as your second set of eyes to notice things that you may have not noticed or have overlooked in your daily routine. We then provide you with the documentation you may need in order to process your repair request.

We have Code Certified Inspectors on staff that can back-up their findings. You will receive a detailed report with the necessary code references that will help you negotiate your repairs. We can help keep minor problems today from becoming major issues tomorrow.

One-Year Warranty Sample Report

Items Inspected

Contact A-Action in Dallas to get your warranty inspection, or if you just need a residential inspection. Please be sure to mention in the Quote Request or the Scheduling Tool that you are needing a warranty inspection. Our team looks forward to helping you.